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The peaceful school that is hardly disrupted by chaos although races of beings must learn to live in harmony, which may prove to be a ordeal.
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 ~Tanryoku Taking a Walk~ (anybody can join)

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~Tanryoku Taking a Walk~ (anybody can join) Empty
PostSubject: ~Tanryoku Taking a Walk~ (anybody can join)   ~Tanryoku Taking a Walk~ (anybody can join) Icon_minitimeSat Jun 06, 2009 12:45 am

Tanryoku was taking a stoll through the forest while in his wolf form and came across a large waterfall. He sat atop it and stared down at the river valley below. There was a full moon tonight...the moonlight reflected off of the river's surface seemed kind of cliche, but he was tempted to howl. He was in a very melancholy mood after having one of his dreams in which he recalled a memory from long ago. This one was from when he was around 22 years old...about 187 years ago if he remembered correctly. It was a dream about his first wife...her name was Rein...He loved her deeply, but she died giving birth to their son Ephraim. Unlike his father; Ephraim was not blessed with unnaturally long life. Tanryoku laughed...blessed....half the time it felt more like a man should ever have to bury his isn't right. Tanryoku continued to sit and stare at the moon...lost in his memories.
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~Tanryoku Taking a Walk~ (anybody can join)
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