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The peaceful school that is hardly disrupted by chaos although races of beings must learn to live in harmony, which may prove to be a ordeal.
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 Lost Hope - Lost VS Stolen

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Lost Hope - Lost VS Stolen Empty
PostSubject: Lost Hope - Lost VS Stolen   Lost Hope - Lost VS Stolen Icon_minitimeSat Jun 06, 2009 8:03 pm

Story -
The story on how the war started, it different from some others. Now in this land, are people known as Lost. They have been born by the elements. Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Light, Darkness, Ice, and Lightning. Each one was different. One may be hyper and cheerful. When another may be quiet and depressed. Now along with these children of Lost are people of Stolen. These people are the same as those of Lost. They try to capture the Lost, for unknown reasons. Each one goes after their other half, or go after the other element. Life, fire of Stolen will go after the one of Lost Ice. One day, at the same time, every single Lost and Stolen were killed. One was shot, another killed by their own element. But when the true hope was gone...came back new Lost & Stolen. Strangely they took after the old Lost & Stolen. They worked the same way as the past ones. Although one lost and one stolen met, and remembered something. They fell, in love. But they didn't let that happen again. They fought to the end. Soon a whole war broke out, just because of that. The girl and the boy didn't know much about it or anything. Although they had been sent into a long sleep. Years later the girl awoke. As did the boy. Each Lost was gone, to live a normal life in the war. They needed her, and yet she wasn't there for them. But yes but the Stolen were still going, tracking down the Lost. But, the Lost the one last Lost now looks for her friends. As the boy looks for the Lost, to capture them.
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Lost Hope - Lost VS Stolen
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