Cosmic Races High School

The peaceful school that is hardly disrupted by chaos although races of beings must learn to live in harmony, which may prove to be a ordeal.
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 Hanyou Outcast

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Takahashi Tora
Takahashi Tora

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PostSubject: Hanyou Outcast   Hanyou Outcast Icon_minitimeSat Jun 27, 2009 11:34 pm

Nee-chan.. are you sure you really want to stay here? Tanaka whispered to you, frightened.
"We have nothing to lose.." you replied to Tanaka
Demo.. bubbly...
"He'll find me.. he always does"
We'll be outcasts here... Like everywhere else we've been
"I think I smell some other hanyou here..."

*Tanaka sniffs the air*

There are a few like us...
"Mmm, that's why I think we can stay here... Who knows, we might even be driven out like we have in all the other schools and villages we've been too"
I hope these people are nice...
"Me too... But we might end up scaring them.."

*You sighed and hesitantly walked forward towards the school*
*Tanaka's grip tightening on your shoulder*
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Hanyou Outcast
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